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Company Formations

Find out more information on the types of Companies Formed at The Company Shop plus the advantages of setting up a Limited Company

Company Formation Services

Information on Registered Office service, Business Banking, Amending Memorandum & Articles and Share Reclassification

Company Restorations & Trademarks

Find out more on Company Restoration and Trademarks, including testimonials

Other Services Available for Start-Ups

Information on Directors Insurance, Virtual Office Service, Logo, Brochure, Design & Printing and Web Hosting, Email Management & Web Services

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Useful Websites and Online Tools

Registering for VAT

HMRC – Register your Company for VAT online


Register your company as an Employer


Register your Company as a Contractor

Corporation Tax for new companies and organisations

You must tell HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) if it’s liable for Corporation Tax, pay any Corporation Tax due and file a Company Tax Return on time