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Register a Limited Company (By Shares)

A limited company has a separate legal entity to its owners, unlike a sole trader or partnership. This means the company’s finances are separate from the personal finances of their owners. To incorporate a Limited Company you will need a minimum of one Director and one Shareholder

Register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited Liability Partnerships enjoy the commercial benefits that come from being a body corporate and their members benefit from the protection of limited liability. They can operate with all the organisational flexibility of a partnership, and are taxed as such. To incorporate a LLP you will need at least two designated members, who will be responsible for filing statutory documents >>More

We offer a fully managed company formation process, taking care of all the fiddly bits so you can get on with your new business.

Company Formation Packages for a Limited Company or LLP click here

Other types of companies

We can also form:

  • GUARANTEE Companies
  • Property Management Companies
  • C.I.C Companies
  • Guarantee Companies which have charitable status

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