What is a Registered Office Address?

When you form a company an official address must be supplied. This address will determine which of the UK’s three jurisdictions – Scotland, Northern Ireland, or England and Wales – the company resides in. All official post is sent to the registered office address. Official post constitutes post from HMRC, Companies House, the UK Courts of Law, Government Gateway, Department of Works and Pensions, Office for National Statistics, and ICO.

Below is a few things to consider when supplying your registered office address:

Moving Jurisdictions

It is important to note that a company registered in one jurisdiction cannot be moved to another. As England and Wales are merged into one jurisdiction it is possible to move between them after filing an AD05.

Acceptable Addresses for a Registered Office

It is acceptable to use a home address. It should be noted however that, if renting, most residential landlords do not allow businesses to be run from their premises. In this instance it may be necessary to renegotiate the terms of the lease. In the case of renting from the council or housing association a written request for permission, including details of the proposed usage of the property, is required.

Home address are applicable but, as the registered office address is public information, it will be visible on the Companies House website. If you would prefer such information to remain private it is possible to avail of a registered office service.

It must be a physical address capable of receiving documents. For this reason PO box numbers are not accepted unless it is part of a complete address.

Statutory Records

A company must hold statutory records at the registered office address or alternatively at a Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL). If you decide to use a SAIL Companies House must be notified of the change. It is also possible to maintain these records electronically.

Any member of the public can request to view a company’s statutory records with 10 days notice. These records include the Register of Directors, Shareholders, and Persons of Significant Control (PSCs).

Statutory Requirements

The registered office address as well as the company’s jurisdiction and incorporation number must be displayed on its letters, forms, and website.

Additionally, a company must display its name outside of the registered office address and other trading addresses. Dormant companies and companies trading from a home address are exempt from this requirement. Buildings holding more than five registered offices may display these addresses in an alternative manner.

Registered Office Service

If you require a registered office and mail-forwarding service then The Company Shop can provide a service in England, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland. For a quote please contact us via our website or call us on 028 9055 9955.