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Company Addresses Explained

29 March 2018

When forming a limited company, you will be required to provide a registered office address and a service address. This article will explain what these addresses are for, and services The Company Shop can offer regarding them.



A registered office is the official address of the company, and is required so that Companies House and HMRC have a place they can send any legal documentation or notices to. If your company does not yet have trading premises, The Company Shop offers their address as a registered office for your company at a price per annum, and your post will be sent out to you once a week via first class. By making use of such a service, your home address will remain private and un-associated with your company in the public domain, whereas without a service such as this, and without your own trading premises, you would be required to provide a residential address as the registered office, meaning your or someone else’s home address is out in the public domain for customers and competitors to see. It also looks more professional to have a credible business address as your registered office as opposed to a residential one.



While the registered office address is the official address of the company, the service address is the official address of the company director. Again, this address will be made public, so it would be unwise to provide a residential address for this. Most companies will choose to make their registered office and service address the same, so that all mail regarding the company and its staff will be sent to the same place.


Both addresses can be changed at any time provided Companies House are notified. So if you’re starting your company without trading premises, or you simply don’t want your trading premises to be used, you can make use of the address services that The Company Shop provides to get you started, keeping your private information confidential and your business looking professional.

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