Company struck-off or closed voluntarily?

Has your company been struck-off by Companies House for non-filing of certain documents?

A company will be struck-off for non-filing of the Annual Return or submission of the Balance Sheet. Any assets held by the company – viz., debtors, plant and machinery or property etc., will automatically pass to the Crown. These remain the property of the Crown until the company is restored. This requires completion of various documents including the application to the Crown Solicitors Office. After all required documents are lodged with Companies House, the company will be normally be restored within 3/5 working days.

Have you elected to have your company closed by voluntary strike-off, overlooking any bank funds or property still owned by the company (a frequent error by the Directors when closing the company they no longer require)

In such cases the funds and or property will pass to the Crown. Again we can provide the Statutory Declaration and all relevant documents to be presented to the High Court. After the Hearing, the Court will issue the Order to Companies House to restore company. This in turn will provide the release of bank funds or property for disposal. No attendance is required by the directors to attend the High Court on day of Hearing. Time required – normally 4/6 weeks from receiving all signed documents.

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Company Restoration

Why is a company struck off and what is a company restoration?

In most cases the company will have been struck off simply because they did not file annual returns or accounts, or the directors may have had the company struck off only to realise afterwards there was still an asset in the company. Once a limited company is dissolved, it no longer legally exists. As a result, the bank account is frozen and the assets of the company pass to the Crown. If you then need to recover assets from the company – or wish to continue trading – then company restoration is the next step.


Depending on why or how your company was struck off, there are two paths to restoration.


Administrative Restoration for a struck off or dissolved company can only be used in certain circumstances. For example, it would be appropriate where the company has been struck off by Companies House for failing to file accounts or an annual return and was in operation at the time of strike off. There is a six year limit on this type of restoration.



If you do not qualify to make an administrative restoration then application must be made to the High Court. As with the administrative restoration, there is a six year limit on restorations, however, where the company is being restored in the case of a personal injury claim, the time limit is twenty years.



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